Spooky Vampire Drawings

From Dark Art Masters of Horror

Vampire drawings come from every part of the world and present their own idea of what this mythical creatures really means. That's the best part about being an artist in that you take full charge of your art and take it anywhere you want it to go.

Vampire art ranges from the spooky to ridiculous to reflect the mood and humor of every artist. So, what kind of vampire artist are you and where will you take us next?

Fact or Fiction?
Some people believe they are real vampires who walk the earth. They assert that they were born that way and may possess certain cult classic characteristics of the traditional media based vampires. Also known as Psi and Sanguinarians, the real life vampire may be prone to a taste of blood, is sensitive to sunlight, may have a pale or ashen complexion, and tend to mingle within their own bloodsucking communities.

However, not to fear, the real life vampires are law abiding citizensthat do not stalk their prey for a bloodthirsty feast. Rather, today's vampire may be your neighbor, teacher or friendly grocer with a kindly smile and a warm hello. But say "No" if he asks you to visit Grandma's grave after dark.

Vampire Drawings and Images
Most of the spooky images of vampires have sprung from the minds of writers and directors in Hollywood. One film after another copied the original portrayal of what a vampire was supposed to be and cashed in.

 Nonetheless, the public would soon tire of the old hackneyed Dracula images and were ripe for some new creative vampire ideas. If you want to follow the traditional path with your vampire art, you will need to incorporate some of the classic symbolism of the vampire genre to include:

  • Wooden Stakes
  • Pre-20th Century Coffins
  • Mad Flying Bats
  • Flowing Black Cape Lined With Royal Red
  • Blood-soaked Fangs
  • A Dash of Evil to the Eye

Modern Vampire Images
As time marched forward, we began to embrace our vampire characters and receive them with a more human touch. Out with the spooky toothed Bela Lagosi vampire ideas and in with the suave and handsome Frank Langella, Tom Cruise and George Hamilton versions of The Count. What set the first spark to light the vampire fire? It all started with an artist taking a chance and doing something different.

As an artist, you have all the power to mold and shape what society regards as art. Clever animation and even product icons have joined the bandwagon to capture attention with goofy Dracula images to amuse and entertain.

Your cartoon vampire favorites all got their start from the same place. Launched by the silent movie era, Dracula has been tweaked to evolve into a new and unpredictable creature. Some all-time favorite cartoon Counts include:

  • Count Duckula
  • Count Chocula
  • Count Blood Count
  • Drak Jr., Leader of the Drak Pack

More Vampire Drawings and Dark Art From Gothic to Werewolves 

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