Vana's Cartoon Drawings

by Sylvana
(Culpeper, VA, United States)

Vana's Cartoon Drawings

Vana's Cartoon Drawings

For drawing(#1) I was trying to sketch a drawing of the cartoon "Tinkerbelle" for my daughter; but I kind of thought that was too original. So I created a different kind of Tinkerbell, The evil bad side of her, which I think is a little bit more interesting to draw.

For Drawing(#2)I drew a picture that represents a little bit of my past. I was very rebellious when I was younger, and hung out with the wrong kind of people. So this drawing kind of represents like gang life in a Spanish way.

For drawing(#3), I had recently lost my father who I was very close to; so I drew this angel looking up towards the sky for him.

Moderator Note. Other drawings taken out they were too dark. Lighten them and re-submit.

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