Various surreal automatic drawings based on birds, animals and insects.

by Sarah L Hague
(Willesden, North London, UK)

Long Necked Bird Abstract

Long Necked Bird Abstract

Long Necked Bird Abstract
Rainbow Man/Women with Spotted Stag Beetles
Travelling Bird in Fishnet Stockings
Elephant Balancing on a plant & Beetle trapped in a strange spider's web


At art college I was very interested in Surrealism - that was quite a while back now, but recently and totally unexpectedly I started doing funny automatic drawings while sitting in a local park! I was making notes in a small lined pad when I felt I wanted
to draw....I turned to a new page, placed my pencil on it and the pencil stated to move on its own accord. I had an open mind about what would appear....As well as
various shapes, real images appeared of insects, birds and animals...Some were strange and made me laugh.
Sometimes the pencil would stop moving and I felt encouraged to move it to another part of the paper, where it would continue to move, making new shapes or
adding things like dots for eyes.....When the drawing was finished, I somehow knew the work was complete, but once I actually heard the word "finished", called out to me!! How bizare is that! Some of the drawings include quite a lot of shading too, others are more brief and just linear....I hope you find them

All best wishes

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