Werewolf Drawings

Eerie Darkness To Lighten Your Day

werewolf drawings in colorful illustrationswerewolf drawings in colorful illustrations

Let's follow along with mythology with these werewolf drawings for awhile, you will find mainly man-beast drawings here, some threatening and others passive.

Some are kind and gentle but mostly not - so don't take any chances when the moon is full.

As the myth goes, man or woman can change into a werewolf if there is a full moon and the time is right or they have been put under a spell by a witch. They then become quite hairy with sharp fangs and display enormous strength and other paranormal stuff— seeing through walls and objects—so you can’t hide!

These creatures are not to be confused with vampires, werewolves do not suck blood for sustenance but they love red meat—so you'll only find drawings of werewolves here. Apparently, werewolves do become vampires after death according to medieval myths and become star vampires.

werewolf-drawing rather scarywerewolf-drawing rather scary

Man does behave in some ways similar to a werewolf when he is feeling irrational or if he's been smoking pot. Werewolves do not display rational behavior (as man usually does) and can be classified as a predatory beast from hell, so please be careful under a full moon.

If you are prone to nightmares, do not scroll down to view these werewolf images, the first few are okay but later I will be adding more drawings every week and some of them can stick in your mind's eye and trigger your nightmares.

Anyway, I personally do not think they are a myth, I think they are real and eventually the TV Discovery channel will sooner or later give visual proof of their existence.

A Burly werewolf not scared of anyoneA Burly werewolf not scared of anyone!
Werewolf who lives in the bush and is always hungryA Burly werewolf who lives in the bush
werewolf drawing showing suit of amourwerewolf drawing showing suit of armour

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