What Do We Know About Color?

by Jon

Color Illustration for Webpage

Color Illustration for Webpage

If we are in the arts world, if we are professional oil painters, sketchers or just do art for a hobby -- we obviously have different needs.

If you want to make a career out of your artwork you HAVE TO KNOW all the subtle differences of color, its tone value, what its opposite color is and so much more so we do not have to think "Now how do I mix the complimentary color here?" If you are a pro you'd do it automatically.

However, if oil painting is your weekend hobby, this is not that important -- in other words it is not critical as you can experiment -- having more time to mix a complimentary color on your palette to get it absolutely right.

The same will apply with your Conte Crayons or pastels. If your intentions are only to draw, you'd be drawing in black and white only. I am sure you will eventually want to dabble in color as it is such an exciting time -- and fun - to experiment in the wonderful world of color.

Don't have fixed ideas that color is hard to get just right. Of course it takes time to develop the skills in throwing paint on the canvas and it looks great with the form and color like some of our contemporary painters do.

Acrylic paint is relatively cheap (compared to top quality oil paint) and you can make up your own canvases on the cheap. If you need any help in choosing a color palette -- shoot me an email.

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