What Space Will You Use When You Draw a Landscape?

by Joan Brockley

What Spacial Shapes Will You Use?

What Spacial Shapes Will You Use?

You can start off with a rectangle which most artists use; You can start off with a square where all four sides are equal or a circle.

Your artwork has to be confined by lines or a frame. Getting a great composition with a circular frame can be difficult to get a dynamic composition.

Every drawn scene must be sketched in first. So the first thing is to sketch in a rectangle and get your composition correctly balanced. You sketch a thumbnail-sized composition and if it looks great, you have a winner. If not, scrap it and start again. Most professional artists (who make a living from their, art) draw 10 or twenty drawing first - maybe even more!

After filling up a page or two, you can then assess which is the drawing you'd like to paint. Sketching comes first. When you become more confident you would start off your painting directly on the canvas.

There are basics that help in drawing landscapes. 'what makes a pleasing composition? A good exercise is to cut out 3 pieces of cardboard or paper about 6 inches square. Then place the smaller pieces about 2 inches by 1 inch rectangle, then place these 3 or more cut-outs and arrange them inside your square. All 3 pieces must be of different sizes.

If you make a pleasant composition, stick the smaller squares to the 6 inch background. Use that as your basic. If you have a problem with this please shoot an email thru to me!

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