Why Do I Love Drawing Cartoons?

by Jon Anthony
(Malibu CA)

Mother Mouse Talking to Baby Mouse

Mother Mouse Talking to Baby Mouse

You know, cartoon drawings have been around for many a year? Remember the Sunday papers had quite a large selection of well-known cartoonists?

Remember some of these old classics we used to enjoy. Yeah, it was great entertainment (as we did not have TV in those early days). There was Popeye, Blondie, Andy Capp, Peanuts--even the classic and well-drawn Prince Valiant. I can tell you your age if you can remember Fritz the Cat!

So things have changed quite a lot in the past two decades. The newspapers are getting thinner and will all soon disappear as the digital age takes over. But you can still have your fav cartoon strips online.

It has become relatively easy to create AND publish your very own comic strip - or a single page cartoon. If it is clever or funny you can get it published in some of the big magazines like The New Yorker but you will get good responses if you target small niche markets - but eventually, you will not see any mags as everything goes digital. Sorry, but that is the way things go!

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Jun 21, 2017
by: Jon

Thanks for your comments about cartoons, I did not realize cartoons went back in time so far.

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