Why Would Anyone Want to Write about Art?

by J. Montana
(Serifino LA)



Indeed. Why Wouldn't They?

I guess we all want to give our opinion, ideas and responses to clarify our thoughts behind it. Does it excite us or do we think “Oh God, not another one of those!”

When we sling words together about art we have to take another look to see if our words gel with our feelings. In a way I think we’d call it a way of learning and being more aware.

My hope is to inform my readers and possibly see and feel the emotions that are decipherable by me—a bit like making it more real and slotting in with others’ reality. You know of course all our realities can be from miles apart to almost the same—depending on our awareness.

There is a certain skill in interpreting responses into words and a love of art in all genres. Sometimes it is difficult to hate surrealism and love impressionism—there is a vast difference between to two.

So it is good to have much knowledge of the artist himself and his work (and of course how he came to the final result.

An essay on this subject would certainly help your audience to see the work as you see it. Okay, you may say “Who are you writing for?”

Well, primarily for you although I have no idea of your taste in art, drawing, sketching, painting or who is your favorite artist or who do you admire the most past and present?

Jeremy Montana
February 2016

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