Wings Drawing For Tattoos, Angels or Fairies

by Jeffrey Ludlow

Angel Wings For Tattoos

Angel Wings For Tattoos

I have sketched many wings from birds of all sizes and shapes—even drawn special "unreal" wings for tattoo artists (this was specially when I ran out of money to pay my rent.)

As an artist, whether you are drawing wings or whatever, it is not so easy to make a living. If you do a wings drawing, the most you will get for it is about $25! No kidding. If your rent comes to $1,000 your 40 drawings only covers the rent...

I get a little more money for faerie sketches because the people that buy them are mainly mothers for their kids—and many moms have plenty of loot. The worst payers are the tattoo parlors, they just love to bargain and will try and barter with a tattoo. Ha! There is no way I'd have a tattoo, they nearly always look awful after awhile.

If anyone reading this wants to make a little moola and more, my advice would be to get into animation; do 2D sketching for advertisers to run on YouTube. If it is good, they pay good money and if you are really good, you can ask for a retainer!

Good luck artists everywhere, I just hope you all keep your head above the waterline.

Jeffrey Ludlow

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