Wings Drawing

by Jeremy Wright

Wing Drawing

Wing Drawing

As I love birds of all types and people have told me I can sketch quite well, I thought I'd like to share some of my wings drawings with you.

I have designed various wings for tattoo artists to fit on any body part - and some of them are quite difficult especially with the wings have to fit around the form of an arm.

Most tattoo artists and their clients IMO like to put my designs on their back which, I guess, is one of the only places where wings look okay.

I used to copy wings from some of the old masters paintings (angels mainly) as they were so decorative and supported the angelic human form well.

When designing for tattoos I'd only work in outlines until the client approved and then applied color. It is a lot of fun to see your work on someone's back so if you are thinking of this choose a reputable tattoo artist but don't use their designs, create an original one for yourself.

There are millions of wings drawings on the internet to choose from whether you want them for tattoos or just for decorative purposes.

Jeremy Wright

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