by Norma Lewis

This is a wolf that I tried to draw. I got the instructions on how to draw the wolf and it took me three times to do it.

I feel like there is still something I am still doing wrong. But I did have someone buy the picture as I finished it up and it made me feel good because the man liked the way the wolf looked.

So please critique this wolf so I will know what I am doing wrong or right :) Thanks Norma

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Jan 02, 2014
Great work!
by: Deb

Your drawing of the wolf is very good work! Please don't be hard on yourself. Drawing is like anything else, you get better and better with practice. Just be patient with yourself and keep on drawing.

I am a sketch artist like you and we all tend to critique ourselves and aim for perfection. I've learned that sometimes you have to put down the pencil and step away from your drawing for a while and go back to it later. I find that works for me.

Keep it up and you will start to sell more and more of your drawings! :-D

Jan 01, 2014
Wolf Drawing
by: Jon (Moderator)

Norma, Your Wolf drawing overall shows competence but there are several points worth mentioning:

Both ears are quite different sizes (needs to be corrected).

The eyes are "out of alignment" and make your drawing "look incorrect."

Your tonal values need more dark areas and light, this makes for a more interesting drawing. Black should be your darkest and white your lightest with about 10 values in between.

The entire drawing looks overworked (too many middle values).

To show your wolf in 3D you will need to know a little about your light sources - where does the main light come from and where are the shadows?

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