Write YOUR Story -- How Did You Start Painting or Drawing?

by Jon Saqarra
(Ft St Julien)



Look, I like to talk to you about writing comments on your paintings -- when submitting your great artworks here on this site. Not one of us started off in life being a great writer! You have to learn how to write English bit-by-bit, and English is one of the hardest languages to learn.

Who wants to hear your story? That depends, doesn’t it, on many things. I think people in this group would love to hear your stories about your art, how you started, the struggles you had, how you could not afford art materials until you sold your first landscape – or how Grandma gave you a set of brushes for your birthday.

Do you have a favorite artist, one that you admire and follow – or have even copied their artwork? People love stories about “the struggling artist for years and then they became recognized” after their work was hung in one of the top art galleries in 5th Avenue, NY.

Of course, the more you find out about your favorite oil painter, you will begin to think and act like them – similar to an actor who wears the “hat” of the persona he is portraying. Maybe you will even take on a similar style of your favorite painter?

People, especially artists, want to get to know you, same as you honed in on your favorite painter. Some questions here; start writing about the time you wanted to become an artist, what were your first thoughts and ideas?

Did you struggle or just painted anything that came into your mind? People love to hear about down-trodden people, struggling along in life and suddenly you were successful.

Your story will engage the reader and will want to know all about your art and how you created it! Tell them!

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