Yeah, We Can All Draw if We Want To!

by Jolyon Hooley

We can all draw really, and without inhibitions when we were toddlers. Then we graduated up to std 1 or 2 when teacher Mable told my friends and I that "You do not draw eyes like that, this is how you draw them!" and so we copied her blackboard drawing and tried our best to copy her drawing.

We were all hopeless and still got it all wrong and looking awful--nothing like an eye. So I recall that none of us in class thought we'd ever be able to create great art like Picasso.

Teacher Mable made a big mistake in trying to enforce a method of how to draw something. It is what I'd call "quite stultifying" and crushing all creativity, especially in a child.

There should be an emphasis on freedom of expression and all kids have that in them until the stuffing gets knocked out of them and they give up their quest to be a good artist.

How many times have you heard from your fellow mates "I can't draw a straight line!" But that is not true...we can ALL draw if we open our minds to think in abstract shapes and form.

Think of the human figure as made up of box shapes (cubist style like Picasso) then get out your pencil and start drawing freely--ignore what your art teacher said all those years ago. You ARE as creative as anyone else and express yourself in the "way you feel" ignoring what anyone else has told you in the past.

Yeah, and tell that teacher to "Go take a hike!"

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