You Can Learn To Draw Landscapes Easily

by Jollyon Hooley

Rule of Thirds - Learning About Landscapes

Rule of Thirds - Learning About Landscapes

It is pretty simple to do -as drawing landscapes give you much leeway unlike drawing the human figure - which is not easy to draw.

You still need a little know-how on drawing landscapes.

First thing is you start off by sketching very small images.

Step One: Draw a small rectangle about 3 inches wide by about 2 inches tall. Use a soft pencil about a 2B or charcoal.

Step Two: Get a piece of light cardboard and cut a rectangle hole also about 3" x 2".

Step Three: You can either draw from a photo image or go outside and sketch the landscape if you think it looks interesting.

Step Four: Draw the horizon line which is the line that divides the earth and the sky. This line must NOT be in the center dividing the sky and earth in equal proportions. It must be higher or lower than the center.

Step Five; Now draw 2 vertical lines and 2 horizontal lines - so you should now have 9 small squares inside your rectangle. Notice the 4 points where the lines cross. Place a dot right there. You now have the "rule of thirds" See image here.

Step Six; Your focal point should be at any one of those 4 dots. This is important to use one of these points.

Step Seven; If there is a building anywhere when viewing, place it on one of the dots. It does not have to be a building but anything - like a big tree - even a cow or tractor or a stream. Then draw that in. Do NOT have your drawing "balanced" for example a large tree on the left and the same size tree on the right. Use the rule of thirds and you can't go wrong!

Step Eight; To create contrast with your focal point, put a really dark area around the white paper. Sketch loosely and free. All others areas should have less contrast - and further, less contract until it fades in with the white paper.

When you feel happy with your drawing, now transfer it to your larger size. Follow these steps and you should have a knock-out!

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