You Can't Paint Like A Pro Unless You Have The Essentials In Place

by Jollyon Hooley
(Saint Johns MA)

Artist Prepping Pallet

Artist Prepping Pallet

The big question is; Do you have the right pallet?

What I am talking about is the actual palette you use to mix your paints on. The standard pallet is made of wood which is kidney shape with a hole to put your thumb through.

For acrylic and oil paint you will need a fairly large pallet if you are using the standard 8 colors. There is a vast choice you have in material (wood, plastic, glass for all types of oil paints).

I have found glass as the best as it is so easy to clean up even after the paint has started to dry.

Of course, if you can't afford a standard pallet go and hunt around in moms kitchen. There is bound to be some receptacle you can scrounge around like a large plate. Tell mom is all for a great cause. She'll love you for it.

I'd like to give in-depth details about oil paints and acrylics. Also, there is much to learn about other materials you have to know and how they behave like linseed oil, thinners, Japanese dryers and a few other goodies.

These I'll have to demonstrate on YouTube as it is easier to watch rather than read.

Jollyon Hooly
Feb 2018

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