Your Approach to Drawing

by Beasly

Learning to Draw Without a Muse

Learning to Draw Without a Muse

What are some of the best ways to approach your drawings? Do you have to get in the right mood? Do you have to feel great before you start drawing?

First approach will be to decide what are some of your favorite stuff you've always loved to draw? Scan through your sketchbooks and flip the pages until one drawing catches your eye. Start there.

If you are passionate about drawing just start off by making marks of anysort which will develop into something worthwhile.

Another good approach is to recall an image you really love to draw some time back--one that gives you a bit of excitement--or one that your friend yelled "Gee, that's a great drawing!"

Start on something like that or similar.

You may well run into a mental block and just can't seem to start anywhere--you art muse has taken the weekend off.

If you have a total block, then the best thing if to start doodling, just scribble a bit here and there in your sketchpad and soon you'll have created something you like!

OK, if the worst comes to the worst and you can't get moving with your pencil, take a brief walk outside and notice all the things around you: the trees, the leaves, clouds or just anything that will absorb your interest. Then get back into your studio and start drawing!

So when you get outside, do NOT DRAW, just observe. This is a great exercise.

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