Your Color Choices Say it All

by Melinda Rogers

Your Color Choices Say it All

Your Color Choices Say it All

OK, let’s get back on some of the points I made a few days ago. I’ve been juggling with color almost all of my life from being a child in primary school to the present digital age...Gosh, how long is that? Can’t say really but it has been a long time!

Women are more interested in their dress code more than their male counterpart. Men dress abysmally boring with dull colors dressed mostly in their “city suits” always dark gray, black or some other very dark boring color – or the very slight change – a pin-striped suit that is camouflaged with all the other dudes marching to their 6x6 office along Wall Street somewhere with their “must have” accessories, the important briefcase.

Women, if they have a sense of color and style, are a breath of fresh air among those dull-full males -- quite unlike bird-ography where the male is dominant in style. Birders, do you know why?

We can visually see about 16 million colors with the human eye – so why all the dull gray suits? Color blindness? Or something like the MIB movie? Maybe it is to impress the senior staff or trying to catch up to their dull style?

A CEO was entertaining a group of ladies and men at dinner. The guests were overwhelmed with the delightful smells coming from the kitchen. All were salivating in expectations of a great meal. As the guests gathered around the table, the CEO flooded the dining room with a red light. The meat looked cool and rarebit the spinach turned BLACK and potatoes intense red!

The host then quickly turned the lights to blue. The roast looked putrefied and potatoes looked moldy and so the diners lost their appetite! At this point nobody wanted to eat although most knew it was only a change in the light. The white lights were then turned on again and the diners did enjoy their meal, laughingly so!

The point is, can you doubt colors do exert influences on us whether we are aware of them or not! Yes, they do in no small way!

In future articles I’ll be chatting about how colors are really subjective, complimentary colors, the sever color contrasts, color mixing and harmony – in your dress code or what you put in your palette.

If you understand the elements of color you will tosh out that gray suite or donate it and start selecting smart suits – and not those your boss will like but some stares giving off “He looks very smart and different!”

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