Want to Learn How To Draw?

 Drawing Pencil Sketches
is a Great Way to Start!

You have probably been drawing pencil sketches since you could hold a pencil. When we were children, most of us doodled, scribbled and sketched unabashedly. Creative expression came so freely and so joyously. I remember so well -- it was a real hoot to be in a class of emerging artists creating great artwork. We were just kids really, having a lot of fun!

Never afraid of our art being judged, we created prolifically, knowing that if we produced something especially creative or colorful, our masterpiece would earn a coveted spot on the family refrigerator.

Do you want back the carefree creativity you expressed in your youth?

Drawing is fun! Or at least it should be! I understand that it can be hard to overcome fear of rejection – art is an expression of us and nobody wants to hear that their drawings are "bad." And I know that getting that "creative spark" back can be challenging—it can be hard to find inspiration.

This site has you covered!

I am going to teach you how to create great pencil art sketches, pen and ink sketches, and charcoal drawings, all for FREE starting from the basics here on how to draw.

There are free tutorials here for you on learning how to draw!

Whether you are an art student looking for some practice lessons or you are trying to reconnect with a passion you once had for drawing, this site is the place for you.

I will show you various sketching techniques, including how to properly hold your tools, 3D sketching, and perspective drawing. I even show you where and how to find inspiration for your art.

Drawing Rudiments - A Guide on Learning How To Draw

All of this is presented in a fun and easy to understand way. I want to make drawing pencil sketches fun again!

I also want to hear from you and see your unique artwork! Especially drawings that you created from following my free drawing lessons!

Visit our "Your Drawings" area and upload your artwork. I can't wait to see your drawings and sketches – and it will be a great source of motivation and inspiration for our other readers too.

Don't forget to sign up for my free monthly Drawing Pencil Sketches newsletter too! I'll let you know about new step by step drawing lessons I've posted on this site, different drawing techniques you can try, and any great products or specials offers that I'm featuring. It's a great motivational and instructional tool to help you take your drawing to the next level.

As a bonus, I am now creating video clips - a few minutes long so you do not get bored - to show you these very simple drawing techniques.

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